JAMMU: What could be termed as a major relief for the workers amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Labourers in J&K, facing hardships, due to lockdown in wake of COVID 19, can now avail the opportunity of working.

The Government has invited them for work at various work sites. The workers will be provided all basic amenities like kerosene, PWS clothing, tents/shelter, vehicle for arrival, ration etc.

In this regard, the Government has identified several schemes and work sites where they can work and earn their livelihood.

For Scheme VIJAYAK GREF at Kargil & Dras, Padam & Zanskar, there is requirement of 3000 labourers and those willing to work can contact to Col. Kaushik Mitra on 9815944311, while at Leh & Hundar, there is requirement of 3000 workers and willing persons can contact Manoj Jain AE (Civil) on 7086046035.

Similarly, at HIMANK BRO in Shyok 2500 labourers can get work and for that they need to contact Col. Deepak Baskandi 9419069342- 7060324163; and to get work at Upshi, Mahi, Nyoma, Harnala with the requirement of 1500 labourers, the interested workers can contact Col. Abhishek Khanna 8858400020 and 01982-267148

Likewise, BEACON GREF Rangreth, Srinagar requires 100 workers and contact person is Col. Mukesh Kumar 9622104123, while ahead of Kupwara, there is requirement of 300 men and workers can contact Col. Nitin Chander Joshi 7051721437. At Sonawari, Bandipora there is need of 300 persons and workers can contact Maj. Brijesh B. N. 8966947762, while 300 workers are required Ahead of Haripora and interested persons can contact Padam Vamsi Krishna AE(Civil) 9797184491

The SHIVALIK BRO requires 2300 labourers in Mana, Malari , Chamoli district in Himachal Pradesh and contact person is Col. Manish Kapil 9419981684, while for Bharoghati, Utterkashi district in HP, the workers can contact Vinod Shrivastva 9717247156; for DEEPAK GREF Udaipur Lahaul Spiti district in HP with requirement of 200 men, workers can contact Hqr 38 BRO 1902-255301; for Jispa in Lahaul Spiti dist, HP, requirement is of 300 labourers, the interested persons can contact Lt. Col Piyush Shukla 9070897888; for Kiling Sarai, Lahaul Spiti district, HP, having requirement of 400 men, the workers can contact Col Deepak Singh Bisht 7651003870; at Koksar, Lahaul Spiti district, HP, there is requirement of 300 men and workers can contact Maj. K. Harish Babu 8600138948; at Chika Lahaul Spiti dist, HP, workers requirement is 300 and interested person can contact Capt. Ashwin Tripathi 8860113187.


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