SRINAGAR: To deal with the prevailing COVID-19 situation effectively, Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Kashmir is playing an active role with the help of social media including Facebook and Whatsapp to reach out to the people in need of professional help. For this purpose a whatsapp group was framed under the guidance of Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole, who is also the member of the same group. The group includes professionals (both psychiatrists and clinical psychologists) from IMHANSK, who are conducting counseling and are also delivering medical advice. The institute is running its OPDs at IMHANS, Badamwari Srinagar as well as in SMHS hospital on daily basis. Since lockdown, more than 1400 and 2000 patients were attended at SMHS and IMHANS OPDs respectively, while as more than 150 patients in SMHS and 170 patients in IMHANS OPDs were provided face to face counseling and psycho-therapies. More than 3100 patients were given online counseling either on phone calls or on Whatsapp video mode while around 600 cases were given online medical advises particularly with respect to medicines. Child Guidance and Wellbeing Centre reported 25 new cases of child and adolescents along with 200 follow-ups. Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and anxiety disorders were the common diagnoses received by child and adolescent population. The centre also conducted online three-hour training program to Child-line professionals regarding how to deal with anxiety and stress related issues during the current situation. Most of the cases expressed anxiety, death anxiety, vague somatic complaints, tension and stress, sleep problems, anger issues, marital issues and worries about current COVID 19 situation. Phone calls were also received from people both from Valley and outside the valley, who want to visit their respective native places amid lockdown. Counseling of COVID-19 positive cases as well as their families and people under home isolation or in quarantine centres was also done on phone. Major concerns dealt ranged from demanding various facilities including internet to health anxiety. Mostly families reported extreme worries regarding their loved ones with Covid-19 infection. The people in need of psychiatric help may contact the following professional:- Professor and HOD, Prof. Maqbool Dar (Psychiatry) on 7889818196, Registrar (Psychiatry Dr. Insha,) on 8716900124, Associate Professor, (Psychiatry) Dr. Yasir H. Rather, on 9419042510, Registrar (Psychiatry), DrSaleem at 7006819035, Lecturer, (Psychiatry), Dr Junaid Nabi on 9797199799 1, Registrar (Psychiatry), Dr Sanjeet on 9419257510, Lecturer, (Psychiatry), Dr. Rayees Ahmed on 9622427577, Registrar (Psychiatry), Dr.Warris at 9419060221, Lecturer, (Psychiatry), Dr. Altaf Ahmad on 7006244948 Registrar (Psychiatry), Dr. Hamid on 9797970355, Lecturer (Psychiatry), Dr. Sabreena Qadiri, on 9596251800, Registrar (Psychiatry, Dr. Heena on 9796912062, Assistant Professor (Clinical Psychology), Dr Sadaqat Rehman on 9419038368, Registrar (Psychiatry), Dr.Syed Karar on 9682623547, Lecturer, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (CP), Ajaz Ahmed on 7006314064 ,Registrar (Psychiatry), Dr. Rehana at 9596575213,Lecturer and Consultant (CP). Asiya Niaz on 9682685622 Nadia, Clinical Psychologist on 9541037596, Lecturer & consultant (CP), Masood Maqbool on 6006175374, Clinical Psycologist, Sabahat on 9797803136, Lecturer & Consultant Shabnam on9906473617, Clinical Psychologist, Jagmeet on 7889909171, Registrar (Psychiatry), Dr. Bilal on 7006351640, Registrars (Psychiatry), Dr Shabir on 9419600214 and (Dr. Insha Rouf on 9419059524.


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