SRINAGAR: Health experts have appealed people to completely follow the prescribed guidelines and SOPs to contain corona virus spread in Kashmir and not show any laxity while the restrictions are eased.
Urging people to be serious about taking safety measures, Dr. Rouf Hussain Rather, MD Community Medicine, presently working as Public Health Expert at Covid Control Room, Divisional Commissioner’s Office Kashmir, said that all efforts are being made to prevent spread of the corona virus and people in no way should become complacent in observance of personal health guidelines.
With Government likely to announce more relaxations and easing of restrictions for resumption of economic activities under various sectors which have suffered severely during the ongoing lockdown period, the same should not be construed as the decline in threat of the infection and its further spread, he added.
Dr. Rouf said that people should realize that Government has laid down guidelines for the public to remain unharmed from corona virus but the covid-19 per se is ruthless. He added that people should not be reckless by taking these guidelines lightly and run the risk of getting infected while the relaxations are given.
He suggested that people should fear more and never construe easing of restrictions as an indication that virus is now eliminated. Rather people should become more cautious and cooperate with authorities to fight this disease in the Valley.
Experts are stressing on following guidelines in letter and spirit and appealed people to come out of their homes only when it is needed adding that the elderly and children in particular must stay indoors.
Experts reiterated that compulsory use of face mask and maintaining social distancing protocol when outdoors is necessary and people must avoid visiting crowded places, avoid surface touching with hands, avoid hands touching mouth, nose or eyes, maintain hand hygiene, use sanitizers, take shower and wash clothes with detergent after returning from work places.
Experts advise that patients having issues of high BP, diabetes and other chronic diseases need to keep these diseases under control with regular check up and medicine. Terming immune boosting as important to fight the virus, Dr. Rouf said, “We need to adopt many things in our life style like proper intake of fruits, vegetables, proteins, use of good nutritious diet, regular exercises, proper sleep habits, meditation and intake of 2-3 litres of water daily. All these practices would boost our immune system,” he said.
Experts have warned that everyone has to ensure following guidelines strictly issued from time to time by the World Health Organization, Indian Council of Medical Research and the Government which would not only help people save themselves from the infection but also save a person from becoming a disease spreader.
They said that there are many high risk groups in the community with poor immunity system and they have high chance of getting infected, particularly pregnant woman who have low immunity during pregnancy and they must take more precautions and follow health advisories religiously. Dr Rouf said that tests of pregnant women are now being conducted everywhere to ensure that cases which are positive get both covid as well as pregnancy related treatment at the designated hospitals.
He said that as per the government guidelines, the restrictions shall continue in red zone areas in Kashmir while as other areas are likely to get relaxation in phased manner under a proper roadmap to restart economic activities. He however warned people not to show any laxity in observance of social distancing and other SOPs during relaxation in their respective areas.


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