An online orientation program focusing primarily on civil services and competitive exams was held today in which thousands of students Pan-India participated. The program aimed to raise awareness about civil services, and other competitive exams, and oriented students on how to follow a structured guideline to maximize their chances of cracking these exams. The webinar intended to empower the students by sharing examples, success stories, and methodologies, inspirational videos, motivating and daring them to dream big and realize their hidden potentials. The panel & key speakers at the event were prominent personalities, motivational speakers, current IAS officers from different states like West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Bihar, Utter Pradesh, including Mr. Peer Haseeb from J&K, who has been a topper of IAS exams in 2018. Speaking on the event all the presenters laid emphasis on, first of all awareness of how to approach such exams and how to make a hallmark in Civil Services or any Competitive Exams. The panel enlightened the students with the idea of, first know yourself, analyze and retrospect and explore, to find out what they are good at and secondly how to approach the exams. A large number of Kashmiri student aspirants also attended the program
It is worthwhile to mention that out of 18 Crore Muslim population across India only produces less than 3% of its total population who go on and quality civil services and other competitive exams, whereas in comparison to the total ratio, Muslims qualifying these exams should constitute 18% of their population. To cater this need Zakaat Foundation of India led by Dr. Zafar Mahmood first started these orientation programs 9 years back and since then organizes awareness and counselling programs in this regard. It’s pertainent to mention, every year ZFI conducts national level entrance for civil services and pick meritorious candidates for sponsorship.

Sofar more than 130 candidates have successfully qualified civil services including 33 from Kashmir through ZFI who are serving in different states across India.


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